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Happy thoughts list! :)

Watching #TheHeirs and munching on fake Starbucks food. #Koreanovelas are the guilty pleasure.

Last day of my continuous #acupuncture sessions. Can feel the needles in my head.

Pins and needles! #Acupuncture, it works. No more eye-tearing throat-rending knee pain. :D

Good morning! #nofilter

Truth does not exist.
There is an event and there are witnesses and then, then there are the “truths” from them.

Does it follow then that if no one saw me microwave bake a potato and FAIL, then my potato baking event never happened?

Ay, na-instagram! D’oh!

#Tetris #Sandwich - Don’t play with your #food! #MidnightMunchies attack again.

#munchies + cloud atlas. Healthful #food!





Damn that turned innocent to calling out sexism real fast

Their faces in the last gif though. Poor babies :/



on this season of america’s next will graham hannibal

this is deeply amusing

(via ktgay)